National Emergency Warning Systems

Speed, Reach & Reliability

The Genasys National Emergency Warning System can be deployed directly on multiple mobile carrier networks, across SMS and CBC channels to empower emergency communications personnel to send life-saving information to anyone, anywhere with no opt-in required.

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Integrated Mass Notification Systems

Geo-targeted Mobile Alerts & Audible Voice Broadcasts

Sirens warn, but are incapable of broadcasting messages containing vital information to help people stay safe during disasters and other crises. Genasys PSMN combines industry-leading Voice Arrays with location-based mass messaging for a unified multi-channel alerting solution.

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Natural Disasters

Stay Informed, Stay Safe

Natural disasters can quickly turn dangerous & deadly. Deliver emergency alerts and life-saving information to people at-risk with Genasys Critical Communications Systems.

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EOF & Long Range Communication

As part of a communication and layered EOF strategy, LRAD systems expand decision time and distance to differentiate between threats and non-combatants, and scale EOF accordingly to save lives on both sides of the Long Range Acoustic Device®.

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Crowd Communications

Reach Everyone

Broadcasting highly intelligible voice communications and attention-commanding alert tones, LRAD systems ensure warnings, commands, and notifications are clearly heard and understood. Rugged, reliable, and easy to operate, LRAD resolves uncertain situations, safeguards the public, and protects operators.

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Workforce Safety & Communications

Keep employees, contractors, visitors, & guests safe with the GEM Enterprise Safety solution. Deliver unified, multichannel messaging to employees on virtually any device.

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Long Range Acoustic Devices


The Global Leader in Acoustic Hailing

LRAD systems are in service in 72 countries around the world in diverse applications, including Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Defense, Border and Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Fire Rescue, Emergency Management, Maritime and Port Security.

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In the aftermath of the deadly Black Saturday bushfires that claimed 173 lives in 2009, the Australian government worked with mobile telecom providers and SMS delivery companies to provide a national public warning system to help save lives during bushfires, flooding, severe weather and other crisis situations.

Since 2013, Genasys has partnered with Nokia to deliver more than 180 millions SMS emergency notifications throughout Australia to help protect and save lives.

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Black Saturday


A severe heatwave, drought, and wind gusts up to 100 km/h combined to fuel Australia's deadliest bushfires on February 7, 2009. The Black Saturday fires raced across the state of Victoria injuring 414 people and claiming 173 lives. The government decided to create a location-based public warning system that would reach over 95% of the country's population affected by bushfires, flooding, severe storms and other critical events.

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In earthquake-prone Japan, the town of Ando has approximately 8,000 residents and sits on the northern bank of the Yamato River. Ando town authorities require a better system capable of transmitting highly intelligible voice communications and musical chimes throughout the town from a single installation so all residents receive emergency messages, public safety announcements and town event information.

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